Better Days - CD (PRE-ORDER)

Better Days - CD (PRE-ORDER)

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This item will be shipped on May 1st, 2020. Pre-order Simply Three's upcoming original album and get "Feel That Fire," "Troubled Soul," "Better Days," and "Breathless" instantly!

*Your 4 song downloads will be emailed to you immediately following your pre-order purchase.
*Release date May 1st 2020; you will be notified when your CD is on the way.
*Any other items in your cart will not be shipped until pre-order CD is shipped to you. If you want other items immediately, please purchase in a separate transaction.



1. Feel That Fire
2. Night Vision
3. All My Life
4. Vibin'
5. Troubled Soul
6. Breathless
7. Sandbox
8. Sedona Jam
9. Talk to Me
10. War Dogs
11. Better Days